5 a Day

Adding enough fruits and vegetables to one's diet is probably one of the most important steps towards good nutrition. Eating a combination of 5 fruits and vegetables helps you get adequate nutrients and fibers. The natural antioxidants that it provides help keep your body working at its best, and give your body a strong defense against disease.
  • Mangoes Is rich in the antioxidants vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and selenium, which all help in protecting the body’s cells.
  • Kiwis When compared ounce for ounce, Kiwi has more than twice the vitamin C of an orange. It's also an excellent source of magnesium, potassium and vitamins A and E. Kiwis have been shown to boost the immune system and reduce respiratory diseases.
  • Oranges Are a source of protective vitamin C which positively affects a person’s brain function and helps in preventing common cold and flu and promotes health.
  • Strawberries Are rich in vitamin C. They also contain anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidant substances that that prevents cells damage.
  • Tomatoes Are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps in maintaining the health of the blood vessels that serve the brain. Lycopene is more readily available to our bodies, and more easily absorbed from cooked and processed tomatoes than from raw ones.
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