5 a Day

Adding enough fruits and vegetables to one's diet is probably one of the most important steps towards good nutrition. Eating a combination of 5 fruits and vegetables helps you get adequate nutrients and fibers. The natural antioxidants that it provides help keep your body working at its best, and give your body a strong defense against disease.
  • Red Grapes It contain iron, potassium, fiber and an abundance of powerful disease-fighting antioxidants. Although red wine gets most of the publicity, dark colored grapes are the original source of the flavonoids, anthocyanins and resveratrol, which have been shown to help prevent heart disease and cancer.
  • Prunes Not only a great source of fiber, but prunes are also a concentrated source of the antioxidant vitamins A and C, iron and potassium.
  • Avocado Often shunned because of their high fat content, avocados are wonderful brain food, rich in essential B vitamins, folate, zinc, monounsaturated fats, and lecithin a type of fat that play a role in improving brain function
  • Spinach Is well known for its iron content and for boosting energy and concentration. It is also packed with other key brain nutrients, including vitamins A and C, folic acid, and the calming minerals calcium and magnesium
  • Red onions are a good source of chromium and also contain the antioxidants quercetin and vitamin C.
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